Forklift Training – What you need to get your forklift ticket?

The minimum requirements to get your forklift licence in Australia are below:
1.  Must be 18 years of age.
2. Provide proof of identity, ideally with a photo.
3. Must be able to read and understand English.
4. 40 nominal hours of supervised forklift operation recorded in a log book.
5. Must be able to complete a knowledge test.
6. Must be able to complete a practical driving test.
7. Trainees under the age of 18, can undertake training on a logbook scheme, but will not be eligible for a licence assessment test until they attain the age of 18.
8. Persons living outside Australia are not eligible for assessment under this scheme.
9. Persons living outside Queensland will not be licenced under this Scheme until a date to be determined in the future.
How do i get 40 hours of supervised forklift operation when i dont ha access to a forklift??
The best way is to get yourself a good forklift training company that will provide you with access to a good quality forklift, which will likely be very similar to what you will drive when you do get your forklift ticket!  Click here to get started.
KNOWLEDGE - whats the fastest way of passing this test?
The fastest way of passing the forklift ticket exam is getting the best quality information delivered to you so that you can understand the infromation the first time.  Only great forklift training providers with the best trainers can give you this.  Get more info on the test. Pass your forklift training exam now.
Pratical test!?  What does that involve?
To get your forklift ticket your forklift training will cover a number of different areas.   Whilst there is a few different areas of assessment an experianced forklift trainer will help you out.  Grab the details of the practical test instantly
How long will good training take me?
This depends on your experiance.  If you have no forklift experiance good forklift ticket training will take you about 4 days.
If you have experiance on a forklift this time will be even shorter!
So you need an experianced trainer, that has top quality information, and can pass this information to you so it is easy to understand.
You need an industry recognised forklift training company, equipped with forklifts that are out there in the workplace, and can provide you an environment that is based on real work environments.
You need 4 days max.